Disposition Matrix: Suspicious Political Deaths Book

Do you feel safe in the United States? Does your government protect you? And if you do feel safe and protected, at what cost? Our political system resembles a merry-go-round, a constant barrage of thoughts – circling the inner desires of our souls. Are you up to date on the suspicious deaths of our political system? Are you a firm believer in democracy?

The Disposition Matrix is a kill list operated within our United States government; it utilizes A.I. to correlate with its human counterpart to determine suspected targets’ capture or kill status. The targets are usually terrorists, and no known D-Matrix killing or capture has taken place on American soil. The main objective of the Disposition Matrix is to protect America — it’s a simple basis:

  1. Use drones to relay information about suspected terrorists.
  2. Use drones to capture or kill suspected terrorists.

Who invented and implemented the D-Matrix? The Obama administration (2009-2017). With its debut in 2010, weekly meetings took place within the Obama administration; these meetings would be held on a Tuesday and be deemed “Terror Tuesday.” President Obama had final confirmation once the names on the kill list were selected.

The lingering question is this:

Could the D-Matrix be used against citizens of the United States on American soil? I’m not specifically speaking about the usage of drones but the overall mission statement of the D-Matrix. Could the Obama administration have used the A.I. to develop a domestic-terrorist list? You’ll read in this book about journalists, whistleblowers, and many others who spoke out against the Obama administration and other Presidents.

The one thing they all have in common? They’re dead.

Click below to purchase a copy of the book!

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