Communist-born scientists are infiltrating the U.S. and going back to China

Communist-born scientists gain access to United States robotic companies and then jump ship to China. Don’t believe me? One example is at the forefront of the 2022 winter Olympics. A.I. guru Song-Chun Zhu moved back to his native China in 2020. Before his move, Song-Chun Zhu worked at the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles as a professor. A year before the relocation, his daughter, world-renowned figure skater Zhu Yi (born in California), announced she would revoke her United States citizenship and join China as a member of the 2022 winter Olympics.

What’s strange about this? The insider deals with China don’t only include the Biden administration. It seems that deals are brokered in exchange for communist pride. Zhu Yi fell twice during her debut at the 2022 Olympics and ultimately finished last in the individual standings. China is well-versed in Communist Pride and letting an outsider onto their Olympic team is suspicious.

Song-Chun Zhu is one of the humans responsible for advancing the field of robotic vision. Keyboard languages are incorporated into the syntactic pattern recognition method – allowing the robot to utilize numbers to deliver a nominal communication. Essentially, it’s the matrix for robots; they see numbers that correlate to a function – those numbers are part of a program that oversees the robot.

In 2010, Song-Chun Zhu experimented with the aspect of the “dark matter of A.I.” The dark matter of A.I. is 95% of the programming functions not yet researched by creators. You can compare this to the studies on the human brain that showcase we only use 10% of its available function.

In an article on, Song-Chun Zhu wrote about his vision on robots and their communication aspects and how they will interact with our daily lives.

“In this talk, I will present an ongoing effort for developing autonomous robots that can collaborate with humans in real-world scenes and tasks. One objective is to explore a cognitive architecture that can embrace modern progresses in vision, cognition, learning, NLP, and cognitive robot using a unified knowledge representation.”

I want to end on this note. People like Song-Chun Zhu essentially want to program robots to have common sense. This is laughable in so many ways because most humans don’t have the common sense to know common sense. Yet, we’re trusting these scientists to program robots based on their vision of “common sense.” No amount of lab research or trial tests will correlate to the truth – it’s dictated by the programmer(s). We are in the midst of a possible World War III showdown with China, and we are letting key-pieces of the robotic arms-race flee the country like the German scientists did before and during World War II.

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