The Phantom Plan is a reckoning for the earth and our constitutional rights. 2038 is a computer UNIX problem with similar underlying issues dealing with Y2K. Keyboard languages are words used by trolls or otherwise ordinary net patrons who combat government or problems with society through the airwaves over a literal stance of revolution.

It’s all a revolving door to otherwise keep us on the first initiation of this realm, thus bringing upon a requiem of not only past and future time but a subtle movement towards keeping the majority of people contained only to influencing sectors of the online agenda, thus keeping them neutral.

This renders revolution worthless unless the agenda manifests from the web, which has happened but remember – the government has control/regulation over the internet, so they can also sway movements one way or another. It’s harder for them to demonstrate sovereignty when the grassroots have a physical presence.

Technology evolves to mainstream all factors of our human origins – by providing a superior option than to flesh-driven emotions. These factors will be advertised and promoted much like a vehicle is in our current timeline. You will need to accept that the technology you are buying is a company’s testing process for technological evolution – as a wide range of human illnesses will coincide with computer glitches, hacker viruses, and mechanical implants. The flesh will be a synchronization of that process. You will have no control over such instances as the companies behind the technology will not provide a transparent scope of their testing or activities with foreign entities. Robotics have no regulation standards – and the United States government has no official laws on how to govern with the advancement of technology.

Firearm companies are being held liable for their involvement in mass shootings and this could be a telling-sign that the robotics industry will be held liable too, but likely not. Robotics will be advertised by the government and the technological companies as a “way to improve life” which no firearms manufacturing can make their case on. Robotics will overcome the firearm manufacturers abilities to make a product that has evolved with the times. That’s why the static flash device mentioned in the first two Phantom Plan articles is essential to the safety and evolution of the United States during this technological upstart of robotics. The robotic companies essentially will make rifles, pistols, semi and automatic weapons useless. The technology behind robotics will counter any attack from a bullet – as bulletproof metals and fabrics will be a mainstay in drones, robots, etc.

Companies and Apoc Tech’s will use their robotics in the same way we use firearms now. They will attend protests under the guise of robotics, they will create mass deaths by the hacking and theft of such robotics, and the 2nd amendment of the United States constitution will no longer mean anything but a symbolic message of the past. This is a way for big tech and private companies to control the political narrative in the future – as most tech companies are operated with a liberal agenda. The only way to counter this future narrative is to pause the technological timeline – as humans need no advancement of it at this time. We as flesh-driven minds have not properly examined the scope of technology we have been given.

75+ years of constant technological evolution has hindered the factors of our future as a human society. They halt to no forewarnings, and Hollywood and video game companies make it their business to create products based on these warnings – Terminator and Skynet will always be the go-to for me – as it provides a truth moment, we haven’t latched on to yet. Apoc Techs are weak, stupid, and must rely on technology to survive in the future. True humans will never give up their individualism and much fight on all fronts of the technological war. We wage on.


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