Andrew Breitbart’s death covered up by Los Angeles Coroner’s Office

How can the media shape the outcome of an open investigation and label it a conspiracy theory? The death of Los Angeles Coroner’s Technician, Michael Cormier, answers that question.

Michael Cormier’s death on April 20, 2012, instantly became a conspiracy theory, publicized by news agencies such as The Daily Beast, and law enforcement spokespersons associated with the L.A.P.D. and the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office.

Timeless trenches entwined with statements from foul souls. Our lives revolve around substance; if a statement or action doesn’t coincide with the mainstream spectrum, it’s labeled a conspiracy theory or denounced altogether.

Michael Cormier at first glance:

A veteran of nine years at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. Michael conducted autopsies on the rich, famous, homeless, and anyone else L.A. had to offer.

Imagine large concrete steps leading up to a cathedral-style building engulfed with over a dozen windows; L.A. taxpayers call it the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office. Michael Cormier called it home, often sleeping in his car in the employee parking garage between pulling extra shifts.

On average, 10,000 bodies pass through the coroner’s office yearly. Thirty deceased individuals enter the freezers of the morgue per day. Michael’s duties included but were not limited to: prepping bodies for autopsies, assisting on autopsies, disposal of medical waste, transport of bodies & crime scene photography.

Michael worked alongside prestigious medical doctors Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran and Thomas Noguchi during his tenure, gaining praise from his peers in his ability to discover discrepancies made by other doctors. The positivity of the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office stops there.

Why is the premise that Michael Cormier performed an autopsy on Andrew Breitbart so important?

Michael Cormier and Andrew Breitbart

April 30, 2012

Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office investigator and spokesperson, Ed Winter stated to news agencies that Michael Cormier never assisted on any Andrew Breitbart autopsy because –

Ed Winter

Only doctors had ever worked on the case because foul play was never suspected.” 

and that 

Mr. Cormier was not the attendant on Mr. Breitbart’s case, nor did he do any of the handling nor any of the investigation.

L.A.P.D. Detective Rich Wheeler relayed a similar statement to the — 

He (Cormier) had nothing to do with the autopsy or anything to do with the case … That story is based on rumor and innuendo.”

You can hear it in the depths of the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office. The truth. It never screams; it whispers. Listen closely.

I connected with Ed Cormier via the internet in 2016; Ed is the brother who Michael gave Breitbart’s toe tag to in March of 2012, a few weeks before dying from military-grade arsenic. I documented our journey in a book and documentary entitled “The Breitbart Coroner”.

The Breitbart Coroner got the attention of Joe Rogan who thought the media and law enforcement was covering-up something. I proved this to be true. And let’s not forget about the destruction of evidence in the case of Michael Cormier.


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