Joe Rogan Wants to Know The Truth about Andrew Breitbart’s death

After the deaths of conservative journalist, Andrew Breitbart and Los Angeles Coroner’s Technician, Michael Cormier, both cases were talked about by Joe Rogan in his podcast. Ten years have passed since that initial podcast, and not much has changed in the perspective of the mainstream media in regards to their deaths.

Joe Rogan makes a living off exploring the human psyche and how it relates to our current culture, that’s why it’s wild that his interest in the deaths of Andrew Breitbart and Michael Cormier faded into obscurity.

Here’s a piece of the transcript from the Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan:
“Have you heard about this Breitbart thing? Andrew Breitbart is the guy who died very recently, was a very controversial journalist character. He apparently had some video he was going to release about Barack Obama.

Well, the fucking dude winds up dying, right? No big deal. He wasn’t that healthy, big fat guy, probably had some bad karma going on through his life, who knows?

After he dies, his fucking coroner dies by poisoning. So, after his coroner says it’s natural causes – then the coroner dies by poisoning. Then you go, okay what?

Is anyone checking in on this? Who’s looking into that? I’d like to sit down with everyone involved in that sort of situation.”

I ended up being that guy who sat down with everyone involved in the case. My investigation “The Breitbart Coroner” is recorded through a book and documentary.

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