Kaczynski revelations ring clear. The ongoing pursuit for control of the human flesh is gradually increasing with big tech companies infiltrating every aspect of our world with mechanical emotions. Liberals have a sense of the future because of this – they know all passage runs through their gates in the future. There is no subtle alliance with humans, big tech makes it known that all who love flesh will be exterminated for the evolution of big technology.

An excerpt from “Industrial Society and Its Future” by Ted Kaczynski.

The imprisoned prophet and warrior, Ted Kaczynski has been a stable endurance for the leadership of the static flash. Violence in his timeline was not needed, his voice would’ve been a constant threat towards big tech in the 21st century. His violent nature led to his capture and ended the revolution once he entered a prison cell. Ted Kaczynski’s tactics are withheld for the future, placed in a box – only to be opened once big tech rules the land. It will be too late by then, their playbook is winning, and the human flesh falls to a mechanical God.

An excerpt from “Industrial Society and Its Future” by Ted Kaczynski.

The liberal disease is implanted into the nature of all robotics. It will mend your emotions they say, it will feed your children they say, it will improve your life they say, it will EAT YOUR CHILDREN. Technology started to eat flesh in the timeline of the 1980s. Computer generated improvements of LIFE were held in great recognition. All who watch the television will be catered to. Robotics enter the lives and bring the depths of liberalism to the valley of the suns. All light will shine upon their motions. This timeline experience will invoke several methods of Kaczynski. The playbook is there for the taking. A manual for the alliance of static flash devices and human flesh. Defeating the liberal robotics agenda is one pathway for us to rise from the ashes.

Controlling the children is part of big tech’s agenda.

An excerpt from “Industrial Society and Its Future” by Ted Kaczynski.

Blood will fill our trenches. Metal will fill theirs. Kaczynski warned us. We must rise and take back what is rightfully ours. The flesh is rightfully ours. Violence is needed? No. Not yet. We will stand by until the call is given. Remember, they will imprison all who are flesh-driven and are not infected by computer implants. Stand by the red light. Green is almost home.

An excerpt from “Industrial Society and Its Future” by Ted Kaczynski.

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