The Phantom Plan makes mention of a device created in the future known as the static flash. The static part refers to the actions of the device, as it induces a disruption into the central processor, similar to the effects a TV screen showcases when it’s on the wrong channel. The flash describes the EEPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) which is a non-volatile storage device that does not require any type of standby power to maintain its contents. The flash aspect allows the human to carry the device without needing a power source – our future heavily relies on technology and humans will utilize technology vs technology. The static flash is essentially an uplink device that can attach itself to the robotic subject and infiltrate its CPU.

The static flash is not like an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) – it does not affect any technology but the target. You could use a static flash device on a robot and only damage that specific robot – it won’t damage surrounding technology. Moses parted the red sea, ambitions of a prophetic motion. Technology will part land and sea – the oncoming apocalyptic surge of robotics will increase the cost of living. Shipments from overseas and domestic products will feel the fury of the robotic consumer market. The static flash device must be invented before the 2030 timeline to ensure a safe passage for shipping and trade. The big tech companies cannot take control of our ports and factories with their robot ambitions. Too much power will be transferred to foreign and private entities.

A robotic winter is coming, human flesh will be frozen, fragile to the blistering actions of robotics. We sense no forewarnings; we sense self-entitlement to prove the forewarning as a relic of the past. Warriors of the flesh will rise to fight without hesitation and will provide safe havens for those who are not accepted in the Apoc Tech world. The static flash device will be the savior for the resistance parties. Small units of flesh-driven patriots will be able to sustain an area of protection as the static flash is implemented to projectile units.

Where is the stability of a resistance leader? We must look onward to a period of time where a flesh-born prophet will provide balance to the technology factors. A human who will not trade blood for metal and will concede no territory of the air, sea, nor ground. Static flashes will need to be evolved early on in its lifeline to target airborne robotics – as drones become a workforce that gradually operates under military-guidelines. Private companies will relay data recorded in communities to a government data base. If a drone delivers a package to your house and sees a New England Patriots flag, it will submit that data and you will receive notifications to your technological devices about products and services related to the New England Patriots. This data base will be programmed to serve for companies and advertisers but secretly will be derailed by N.S.A. operatives who will utilize it for their own benefits.

Servant robotics in households will also be monitored and a 1.02 license will be required to own one. 1.02 refers to the 3 laws of robotics. You will be required to pass a mental health evaluation to own robotics for personal safety or for servitude, but this will only affect the middle and lower classes of flesh-driven emotions. The rich will bypass the 1.02 with monetary influences or will buy it for themselves and let others operate it. The static flash device will fall under such a law/license as it’s deemed a “personal safety robotic device”.

The current state of robotics and the lack of oversight creates a dilemma that is of a partisan nature. The liberal big tech companies will fall-in-line with the robotics industry while others give-in to the evolution or fight against the death of humanity. The homemade nature of the static flash device allows resistance fighters to maintain a belief system of hope in the robotic wars. Kaczysnki revelations awaken a new breed of flesh-driven minds. The downfall of all who support Apoc Tech’s and their movement is prophesized by me. They will not succeed without a proper “Gangs of New York” brawl.


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