Top secret C.I.A. document reveals Russian 5G tests on cells caused them to self-destruct – could vaccine be programmed for the same?

Unclassified C.I.A. documents showcase that Russian scientists used MM (5G millimeter) waves to induce COLICINE SYNTHESIS (self-destruction of a cell) in E. Coli. The colicine plasmids genes allow the strains of E. coli that possess them to kill other related bacteria. The process works better between 37-42 degrees.

The mRNA vaccine must be stored at 42 degrees, and once it enters, the body is insulated by fat bubbles. It reprograms the cell to pinpoint the COVID-19 virus through a “spike protein” to be resistant to the virus. The mRNA vaccine doesn’t use a live virus and instead uses a single gene from the virus that caused COVID-19.

If scientists somehow created the mRNA vaccine to have a “wait-in effect” stage where it would be activated by extended exposure to 5G, it could have a “self-destruction” event such as the E. Coli cells.

“It is of interest that bacteria and other cells might communicate with each other by electromagnetic field of sub-extremely high frequency range.”


Neither the mRNA (Moderna and Pfizer) nor adenovirus (J&J/Janssen and AstraZeneca) vaccines contain live virus. Each of these contain a single gene from the virus that causes COVID-19. That gene could be the branch between 5G waves and the vaccine.

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