Chinese Communist Party steals technology from the U.S. and gives it to Russia

U.S. intelligence has been weak for years, allowing Russian and Chinese spies to conduct business under the guise of diplomacy. Diplomatic immunity shields them from prison and enables them to pass intel back to their country’s intelligence agencies securely. As a result, the U.S. is a revolving door used by other countries to rape and ravage our democracy.

Recent exploits of the United States intelligence agencies don’t stop there – according to a former Pentagon official – the United States stands no chance if Russia and China combine cyber forces. The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for the technological evolution of the East. Their standards for stealing intel are unmatched. They utilized the ignorance of the West, specifically the laws implemented by liberals, to infiltrate the educational systems and reap havoc on classified intel.

Proof of the United States’ failing cyberinfrastructure lies within Americans’ IQs, as the U.S. is ranked 31st in the world in math and have fallen from second to third in science skills. We as a country implement the research and development stages and then get the intel stolen by the people we paid to assist in the development. Since there are no repercussions, the theft of American intel will never stop.

With the war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia have driven them to rely on their friends over at the Chinese Communist Party for help. Russia has relied on dictators to supply information and technological secrets. In 2013, the Iranian government provided Russia with a drone they mass produced after capturing it from the U.S. military. The United States are experts in giving away money, technology, and anything else foreign governments are looking for.

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