Dimensional blueprints, not a floating concept, more of stabilization of itself — morphing from one invention to the next. This phantom plan can be fought from within. Our structure as modern beings cannot be obstructed as images process wings on computed mirrors. It’s not an exact concept of man’s wishes…

The blueprints I speak of revolve around an image that entered my realm during a recent session. Da Vinci – stylization. A modern-day jumbo jet- all the seats were empty, red seats as the image transformed into a UFO of sorts, I say “UFO” because it happened quickly and with a snap of a flash added into the mix. The illustration was not floating, nor in a state of projection. It was merely on paper.

Meditation as a whole has brought many people different images and thoughts since the primitive realm. This can now manifest, and the realization of “if you can dream it, here it is in a store” is more of an afterthought with the sudden boom of 3D printers and easy access to materials for just about anything.

Our natural-being connects to the realm during meditation. Take into effect Tenzin Palmo and the immense state of solitude she has witnessed through her life cycle. With the increased progression of technology, will meditation finally become a thing of the past? This is becoming a second or third thought to the average human due to the increased use of technology and distaste for modern-day religion.

“They say bring the method, of course, I’m the way they’re headed, misdirection upon the heaviest exit. The cause for any situation 2038, ENTER presses, keyboard languages compared to literal stances.”

The “method” is similar to the phantom plan, a misdirection for earth and technology. 2038 is a computer UNIX problem consisting of factors pertaining to similar underlying issues dealing with Y2K. Keyboard languages are words used by trolls or otherwise regular patrons of the net who combat government through the air over a literal stance of revolution.

It’s all a revolving door to otherwise keep us on the first initiation of this realm, thus bringing upon a requiem of not only past and future time but a subtle movement towards maintaining the majority of people influencing sectors of the online agenda, thus keeping them neutral. This renders revolution useless unless the agenda manifests from the Internet, which has happened, but you must remember… the government has control over the net, so they can also sway movements one way or another; it’s harder for them to demonstrate sovereignty when the grassroots have a physical presence.

Politics is one of the topics of our everyday lives at the moment; it’s a self-delusional module based on a fiction-absorbing mind-state created by the power struggle of American media subsidiaries. Sheeple for the steeple of Mabus. One is not better than the other, they are both the same. Manipulation smiles at you while you’re lost in the Grassy Knoll. Take away the penny, this might seem like a dream, an illusion. Take away our money, slowly replacing it with a world-line that subsides with no known languages. What keeps us from the truth? Politics.

Is that the agenda we are slowly heading towards? Out of touch with our spirituality, and instead with virtual reality? How do we fight a system that is constantly providing us with technology, convincing the masses that we can and should use all aspects of it to evolve our humanity? Is our humanity such a failed species that we can’t convert social activities and nature into a form of our existence? Something that we have been missing since the Roswell crash of 1947.  How do we slow the useless research into robots, automated cars, and weaponry? Moore’s Law is an observation concerning the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit and how it doubles every two years – advancing the technological growth of computers; this observation proved to be at its highest peak during 1975-2012.

The age of Aquarius was deemed by ancient astrologers as “The dawn of all things that are newly invented”; the symbolism of Aquarius correlating with being an “air” sign is also significant, as information is transmitted through the “air”. On July 18, 1996, an article from CNET provided insight on what they deemed the “soul catcher” – a computer chip that would be attached directly to the optical nerve and be able to store incoming sensory impulses that could then be downloaded and played on a computer or inserted into someone else’s memory-timeline. What does this resemble? Soul traps.

Companies such as AmazonGoogle, Tesla, are receiving government contracts with little oversight on the technology developed; similar to Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto and the regulations concerning our food and safety; there’s nothing wrong with a pesticide company merging with a pharmaceutical entity, right? And there’s no problem with the world’s largest and most liberal-minded Internet Search Engine creating artificial intelligence for our government that could fall into the hands of hackers or private militias?

The progression of these companies and so on are part of a calculated plan by the government to lower the energy levels of its citizens – providing a “recycling plan of sorts” when it pertains to spiritual journeys. The recycling of our souls can be achieved through many different factors; the most famous of these is the belief that our souls are being utilized for an alien agenda; a “harvesting” of energy. 

My explanation is simple; technology halts and alters the landscape of the spiritual quest we are naturally attracted to; video games, smartphones, sex robots, and television are only a few roadblocks that are implemented on a daily basis. Without a proper channel to exercise our free speech, meditation, and personal experiences of the esoteric, we are left with a black hole of events that “stun” us into submission of our souls.

Mandating God-like substances, line them against the wall, Feb 14th, 1929. We believe in the resurrection of the dead, the truth will make you stand up, the picture of dry bones in the valley. I find that sitting in the corner of the room… while absorbing nothing but a mere knocking of the floor beneath your feet could be an everlasting breach between how you feel now, and how you could feel if the knocking never stops…


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