From: Press Graye
Date: 7 Feb 22 12:01:30 -0600
Message-ID: RADAR513
Newsgroups: Shortwave RADAR


Fight for your right to believe what you want.

Shortwave RADAR was started in 2016 under the name EXIT 9 INVESTIGATIONS. Since 2016, I've discovered new evidence in cold case investigations with the help of the families involved.

While others report on it — I'm the only investigator to thoroughly investigate suspicious political deaths, while bringing exclusive evidence and interviews to light.

I was the first to break crucial news on the 2016 death of Shawn Lucas- a process server who served the Democratic National Committee a lawsuit on behalf of supporters of the Bernie Sanders' campaign and died weeks later. I also proved with physical evidence that Los Angeles Coroner's Tech, Mike Cormier performed a private autopsy on Andrew Breitbart and died from arsenic the same day Breitbart's autopsy report was released.

I've been threatened, had author and Roger Stone ally Jerome Corsi hang up on me, former journalist Lee Stranahan called me a "threat to the integrity of true journalism", - these people are scared of the truth I bring.

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