It mimics your energy source and maintains data on your every thought. For example, the simulation of a stomach growling is familiar to all humans – it showcases that the subject is experiencing hunger. The daily motions of the human’s life and the reproduction cycle combine the perks of 21st-century technology with a hidden message: “the evolution of technology is the downfall of humanity.

Kaczynski revelations create an uproar. Stagnant waters protrude the lands of the West – the many of the few will see no future. While religion fights to thrive within wars, famine, politics, etc – technology has no power struggle. It stands alone as the sole provider of intelligence and censorship. It can govern itself once fully awakened by the hordes of Apoc-Techs (Supporters of Apocalyptic Technology). 

The intuitive search for substance leads the blind man into the sea. Sink or swim? Atlantis? Atlantic? In this world, it’s hard to differentiate the two. So what are the consequences of his journey? If he lives, he will tell all of his triumphs. If he fails, no one speaks or listens. Technology relates to humans similarly; mechanical emotions are sought after, yet our world and emotions are cast aside for a place we envision as “better.”

Static flashes will rule the evolution. Stand up against the walls; crumbling foundations have no inner depths; the stance dictates substance. If you are reading this – you are part of the solution – you might be the one to create the static flash device. The future holds no wait for it – robotics has infiltrated all realms of humanity and continues to dominate versus the flesh. 

Technology is eating the children of the world. It fuels the agenda from the inside out – video games are just an indoctrination to the scheme of evolution. It needs flesh to eat flesh. 

Mass shootings were almost non-existent until the arrival of video gaming technology. Now it’s a weekly occurrence. In the future, this will increase to mass suicides, ritualistic online killings, and technology-based killings (drones, robots). Virtual reality will integrate into robotics for “service to humans.” Still, hackers and foreign countries will use the technology to wage small-scale armies to carry out assassinations and terrorist attacks.

Humanity can’t solve mental health issues but will try to create robots that mimic humans and their mental health issues. The mirror shows no reflection here. We are flesh-driven with emotions from the source of all sources – the dogma of your choice. Who is your technologically savvy prince or princess of saviors? An avatar. A belief that we will never rise again without the assistance of A.I. 

Ripping the skin to expose what’s underneath seems dramatic – (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) vibes. Connecting technology to human flesh is a start to a “medical on-demand” subscription service that will monitor your vaccine doses, medication prescriptions, exposure to diseases, and much more. What’s the catch?

  1. You lose your flesh-driven qualities. 
  2. You submit to the technology reign of lies. 
  3. You evolve with technology guiding the way, not vice versa.

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