Dead Bodies. Conspiracies. Denial. Substance ceases to exist when it comes to the D-Matrix and its true intentions. Can we expect a systematic approach to assassination-play with the establishment of a no-hold-bars agenda that dates back hundreds of years? The Obama administration mainstreamed the “political hit list” with an attitude that rivals that of the trail of bodies left by the Clintons.

Andrew Breitbart was not murdered because he had “more tapes on Obama.” Breitbart was assassinated due to his ability to start grass-root movements and hold political corruption accountable. Remember Anthony Weiner-gate and him ripping Podesta apart with the “What’s in your closest?” remark? The tape that eventually surfaced of Obama didn’t show much in terms of an election “October surprise” but would’ve added to Mitt Romney’s chance at a victory with Breitbart’s bank account and followers to publicize it, Breitbart never got that chance.

I don’t believe in coincidences; if Michael Cormier didn’t perform the autopsy on Breitbart, then maybe we could chalk all of this up to “perfect timing,” but since I have proven a cover-up… it should be labeled as an assassination. Michael Cormier wasn’t only an LA Coroner’s Tech; he was trusted with the procedures of conducting an autopsy on his own and has accommodations issued to him for correcting discrepancies in past cases. In my book, The Breitbart Coroner, I present ALL THE evidence I have obtained in the case.

Michael Hastings might’ve suffered from PTSD, and the stress of being an investigative journalist can take its toll on one’s health. I label his death as suspicious due to the nature of the car crash and take into affect his investigation into CIA Director Brennan, the D-Matrix creator.

Your liberty is at stake. Someone you know or someone you might come to know might become a victim of the D-Matrix, including myself.

I am still here. I am fighting the establishment. I will not stop knocking at the wooden frame of conspiracy theories that should be labeled “FACTS.”

Fake news is one of the topics of our everyday lives at the moment. It’s a self-delusional module based on a fiction-absorbing mind-state created by the power struggle of American media subsidiaries—Sheeple for the steeple of Mabus. One is not better than the other; they are both the same.

Manipulation smiles at you while you’re lost in the Grassy Knoll. Take away the penny; this might seem like a dream, an illusion. Take away our money, slowly replacing it with a world-line that subsides with no known languages.

Mandating God-like substances, line them against the wall, Feb 14th, 1929. We believe in the resurrection of the dead. The truth will make you stand up, the picture of dry bones in the valley. I find that sitting in the corner of the room while absorbing nothing but a mere knocking of the floor beneath your feet could be an everlasting beach between how you feel now and how you could feel if the knocking never stops.

Kaczynski revelations: can we supply such an antidote to escape the cycle?

Red lights. Stop your conversations. Stop your enhancement of the phrase “Freedom of Speech.” Stop your senseless claims. Stop your controversy. Stop your belief system. Stop your indecent exposure. Stop your life. This is the new slogan mainstreamed into our consciousness – must we attempt no breach of contract?

When has the government exhibited political correctness throughout the years? And why is the government’s censorship agenda masterminded by technological entities that use flawed algorithms to weed out documents it deems against its “user terms & agreements.”

Words inked on trees – words inked on nature – cannot be obstructed by Words created by technology that has supreme judgment over your word choice or personal beliefs.

Net neutrality. A sense of comfort; search results activate, and hackers roam freely amongst the conspiracy theorists and vloggers. Some aspects of the web are like the street-struck projects of Chicago, and others are the suburbs for individuals to cast hate, doubt, praise, admiration, and not be judged for it.

If the government seeks to demonstrate sovereignty upon a country’s internet rights, it will use corporations to instigate a propaganda effort to extort the public of their true intentions. Their rights and their understanding of the system they rebel against. Verizon and other internet providers could be a force to be reckoned with in the future fight for censorship of the net.

Bots censor humans.

Bots censor bots.

I’ve prophesized it. Robots in the future will be utilized to combat Robots, not only physically, but through the programming of ‘static-flashes‘ which act to disrupt the speech patterns of Robots – this can be used by a human or another robot – the static flashes scramble the robotics and silence the subject.

Freedom of Speech will not be given to robots commissioned by a government or private corporation. New laws on how an individual can use robots for propaganda and how their 1st amendment is protected through the use of an avatar will be enacted.

Can you imagine? Antifa robots vs. Proud Boys robots, all while they sit in the comfort of their homes. Will the 1st amendment be enforced when it comes to this real-life scenario? We will find out in the next ten years. We already have store-bought drones attempting political assassinations.


On that point, expect private militias to enhance the usage of drones, equipping them to defend themselves and forge war against their native brothers. Waco will seem like a firecracker compared to the soon-to-come militia engagements based around drone technology and homemade explosives.


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